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Roadway Worker Training (RWT) offers a range of training and support services to the railroad community. By working collaboratively with its clients — who can range from Class 1 railroads to short lines to industry consultants — RWT can help develop and deliver policies, procedures and training protocols oriented toward railroad engineering, transportation, and mechanical.


Leaders in Training:

  • A broad range of railroad knowledge and experience
  • A staff of nearly 100 veteran railroad professionals who average over 30 years of service each
  • Robust and customized training services, including labor relations, operating rules, FRA compliance, and railroad safety training
  • Support services such as annual certifications, safety audits, and project management
  • Improving our clients’ bottom line while enhancing worker safety


Training We Provide:

  • Comprehensive Railroad Safety
  • Labor Relations
  • Operating Rules
  • FRA Compliance Training & Qualification
  • Technical Training
  • Derailment Investigation & Prevention


We also create customized training programs to suit your needs.