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July 20, 2017

R. J. Corman Railroad Services: Derailment on Bridge in Louisville, KY

Early in the morning on July 17, 2017, 32 double-stacked intermodal railcars derailed on a bridge between Kentucky and Indiana over the Ohio River. The derailment resulted in a stoppage of rail traffic on a high-profile line for the railroad. Due to a history of safe and efficient services, the customer reached out to the R. J. Corman Railroad Services Emergency Dispatch Center. Within an hour of the call, there were three R. J. Corman divisions mobilizing to the derailment site. Upon arriving at the site, a safety plan was developed to combat the adverse conditions on the job, including fall-protection for the 30’ drop to the river. Additionally, the crews worked through the heat and consistent downpour of rain throughout the job.


The initial assessment of the site led many to believe this critical line would be out of service for a significant stretch of time. R. J. Corman Railroad Services began working around the clock on the derailment, and with two 850 LPG sidebooms and a 977 loader, they placed re-railers and blocking to pull the railcars back onto the track between traffic on the parallel line. Within 48 hours, R. J. Corman Railroad Services had successfully restored operation to the railroad.