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Power Plus Control Systems

Power PlusR. J. Corman Railpower Locomotives’ PowerPlus Control System is Railpower-designed and manufactured, improving locomotive reliability and component availability while enabling rapid system customization. The PowerPlus control system features the following:


Individual Axle Control

Railpower’s PowerPlus Control System transfers power from the axle that slips to the axle that grips. The result is no loss in horsepower, and top performance, especially in all weather conditions.

Individual Axle Control enables RP Series locomotives to provide 33% adhesion, bringing them close to AC technology.


Liquid Cooled Electronics

RP Series locomotives utilize liquid cooled power electronics. Liquid cooling promotes improved reliability through the avoidance of hot spots caused by air cooling, and maximum output with maximized power density.



RP Series locomotives offer one or more engines that start up based on the locomotive's power needs. So, as operators notch up, more GenSets are utilized. To ensure even wear, GenSets are brought online with the least operating hours first.


Idle Stop

The Idle Stop function greatly reduces fuel consumption and engine wear. After a period of inactivity, the RP Series locomotive shuts down automatically. The locomotive automatically restarts to maintain ideal conditions - all without an operator's assistance.

Engine Economizer


Engine Economizer

Engine Economizer Mode (EEM) disables one or more GenSets during locomotive operation. The benefit is a potential fuel savings during operation with extended maintenance intervals.

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