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July 8, 2022

13 R. J. Corman Short Lines Win Jake Awards for Safety

On June 29th, the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) announced that 13 R. J. Corman short lines were winners of Jake Awards for their above-industry average safety performance during 2021.  

The Jake Awards is an annual recognition presented by the ASLRRA, a group that represents the entrepreneurial owners and operators of short line and regional railroads throughout North America.   

The awards fall into two categories; the Jake Award with Distinction is given to any member railroad with no FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) reportable injuries for the previous year. The Jake Award is given to any member railroad that finished the previous year with an FRA frequency rate less than or equal to the industry average.  

These accolades reflect R. J. Corman’s priority and commitment to a safety-first work environment. 

We are extremely proud to congratulate the following short lines for winning 2021 Jake Awards!  

Jake Award: 

  • R. J. Corman Memphis Line (RJCM)  

Jake Award with Distinction: 

  • R. J. Corman Allentown Lines (RJCN) 

  • R. J. Corman Bardstown Line (RJCR)  

  • R. J. Corman Central KY Lines (RJCC)  

  • R. J. Corman Cleveland Line (RJCL) 

  • R. J. Corman Nashville & Western Line (NWR) 

  • R. J. Corman Lehigh Line (LRWY) 

  • R. J. Corman Luzerne & Susquehanna Line (LS)  

  • R. J. Corman Pennsylvania Lines (RJCP) 

  • R. J. Corman Tennessee Terminal (RJCK)    

  • R. J. Corman Texas Lines (RJCD)   

  • R. J. Corman Western Ohio Lines (RJCW) 

  • R. J. Corman West Virginia Line (RJCV)