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May 15, 2020

R. J. Corman Railroad Company Carolina Lines Receives CSX Short Line Business Development Award

The R. J. Corman Carolina Lines railroad has been chosen for the CSX Short Line Business Development Award due to the extraordinary growth that is taking place on this short line. This award is based on percentage carload growth year over year. From 2018 – 2019, the percentage of carload growth on the Carolina Lines was over 100%, meaning that the number of cars being moved on the line has more than doubled! 


This award was to be presented at the annual CSX Short Line Conference which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CSX Director of Business Development, Gary Gambill, presented the awards via video, announcing a Percentage Growth Award going to “a short line that was firing on all cylinders in 2019, the RJCS. R. J. Corman’s Carolina Lines and CSX worked together to capture competitive wins in several markets including pulp board, plastics, minerals, and other…I’m pleased to present this award to Adam Boyles and the entire RJCS team. Congratulations Adam!”


The Carolina Lines, like our other short lines, provides the critical “last mile” of service, switching, and handling of cars for the freight that is transferred to us from other carriers like CSX. The Carolina Lines railroad has provided safe and efficient transportation of freight with a focus on superior customer service and has proven itself as a partner to the customers on the line. As a result, the rail has been able to double car volumes by bringing on new customers and adding new commodities with existing customers. This is especially exciting because this short line is quite the success story!

When R. J. Corman acquired the Carolina Lines in August of 2015, it was on the verge of being classified as abandoned and had not shipped a railcar in over four years. R. J. Corman made the necessary immediate repairs and restored operations within six months. The company became partners with local economic development groups in North and South Carolina to bring traffic back and revitalize business on the line. Together with Horry County, SC, R. J. Corman secured state and federal funding for track improvements in addition to the investments made by the company.


There are 13 new customers now utilizing rail. The short line is projected to ship 4,500 cars in 2020. By 2022, $45,108,000 will have been invested in revitalizations and expansions. The vision for this short line continues to become a reality. The company attributes the growing success of the Carolina Lines to the Railroad Company’s entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work of the train crews and local leadership in the Carolinas.


R. J. Corman is honored to receive the CSX Short Line Business Development Award. The company would like to thank CSX for being an exceptional interchange partner with a special mention going out to CSX Transportation Senior Industrial Development Manager, Kellen Riley, who is a vital colleague in facilitating our business partnership. R. J. Corman would also like to thank Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development and the Columbus County Economic Development Commission, both of which have played integral roles in facilitating economic growth in the South Carolina region. Finally, the company would also like to thank our customers for trusting our Railroad Company with their business. We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality service in the railroad industry and look forward to meeting the needs that arise into the future.