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June 10, 2024

R. J. Corman Welcomes a New Group of Twelve Summer Interns!

From left to right: Collin McKibben (Estimating), Zoee Robinson (People Services), Jacob Kitchen (Management Trainee), Joel Fleck (Communications), Josh Denny (Risk Management), Sydney Cullen (Commercial Development), Joshua Moss (Finance & Accounting), Brittany Nguyen (People Services), Andrew Mortimer (Commercial Development), Kyle Sherer (Signaling), Hampton Jefferson (Construction), and Michael Navis (Finance & Accounting). Not pictured: Luke Barrow (Finance & Accounting). 

R. J. Corman is excited to announce the addition of twelve new interns to the team for the summer of 2024. These talented individuals were selected from a pool of applicants to work in various organization departments. During their time at R. J. Corman, they will gain valuable experience and bring fresh ideas to the organization.  

Monday, June 3rd, marked the first day for these interns. Their first day was full of many activities to help them learn more about R. J. Corman.

They started their day by taking a tour of the property and seeing all the different things that make the Nicholasville campus so special. During the tour, these interns got the opportunity to meet President & CEO Ed Quinn. 

After the interns finished the campus tour, the group enjoyed a group lunch in the cafeteria.  

Later in the day, the Interns participated in a team-building activity to help break the ice and get to know each other.    

After these interns finished their team-building activities, Nick Edelen, R. J. Corman Railroad Services VP of Operations, spoke to the interns about our company’s vision, mission, and values. Nick also advised the interns on how to be successful in their positions.  

The interns then met with their departments and prepared to start the rest of their journeys with the company.  

Welcome to all summer interns, and we are so excited to see what you accomplish while at R. J. Corman! 


The Interns during their orientation on day one.