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June 1, 2018

R. J. Corman Railroad Switching Company, LLC Announces New Location in Montgomery, Ala.

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky - Today, R. J. Corman Railroad Switching Company, LLC announced the opening of its newest location in Montgomery, Ala. for SABIC, a global chemical and plastic company. The Switching Company will provide railcar switching and track maintenance, with potential opportunities to do future construction and car repairs as well.

“Our diversity of services played a key role in establishing a relationship with SABIC,” said Ed Quinn, CEO and President of R. J. Corman Railroad Group. “They initially reached out to our contracting services company to inquire about building additional track. We realized there was an opportunity to offer additional services and create added efficiencies for their operations. We look forward to building on our proven track record of adding value to our customers with SABIC.” 

SABIC had reached out to R. J. Corman Railroad Services, LLC for a logistical diagram and to inquire about adding track. Through that connection, SABIC learned about all R. J. Corman companies, and the track inspection and maintenance service that the Switching Company provides. R. J. Corman will have 12 employees switching approximately 1,000 railcars each month at the plant. R. J. Corman’s switching services will include both movement of cars throughout the facility as well as to and from the interchange point with CSX.

R. J. Corman Railroad Switching Company is a subsidiary of R. J. Corman Railroad Group. Altogether, R. J. Corman Railroad Group employs approximately 1,400 people in 22 states. In addition to short line railroad and switching operations, R. J. Corman companies provide a broad scope of services to the railroad industry such as emergency response, track material distribution, track construction, signal design and construction as well as building eco-friendly locomotives.

For more information about the company, visit or call 859-881-7521.