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People are the most important and valuable resource an engineering company has.

Our dedication and investment in creating a working environment that actively promotes the advancement of knowledge and skill is one of the keys to our long-term success. We accomplish this through mentoring and promoting the use of collaboration tools so that lessons learned are not lost to history, but shared across our team. Then we challenge each and every member of our team to use these resources and tools to advance continuing improvement in everything we touch.

At the core, we have engineering talent from every facet of railroading, from the largest and most respected Class One railroads, signal equipment manufacturers and signal service companies. Our employees have designed everything from highway crossing warning systems to the most complex interlockings and signal systems, and we have experience in applying traditional relay logic, the latest vital processor controlled equipment and everything in between.


Process Controls

Every task has a time-tested and documented process to control the consistency of the work being done. This makes it easier to achieve consistently positive results, as well as highlight anomalies that may indicate the need for closer scrutiny, and maybe an improvement in the process.



No task or project is so small that it cannot benefit from a well thought-out plan. A thoughtful plan saves time and effort, and produces superior results, especially when driven by proven process controls.

In support of good planning is execution, driven and measured by the most modern, commercially available Project Management tools to ensure we are communicating expectations, documenting progress and keeping things on track, on time and within budget.


Right Business Partner

We are one of the few full service signal companies that talks the talk and walks the walk. Every employee in the company is e-RAILSAFE and Roadway Worker Training certified. Maybe that sounds extreme for a signal company, but we are much more than that. We own, operate and maintain over 1,350 miles of our own infrastructure, so we live with some of the same challenges faced by our customers, and we know how to work together to resolve them in the most effective way.



Lastly, we have all the tools required to get the work done properly.

Industry standard CADD systems, color printers, plotters, and scanners, leading edge collaboration and networking tools, programming and simulation tools, extensive reference library, etc.


Services Include:

  • Project Scoping
  • Surveying
  • Estimating
  • Circuit Design
  • Case/House Layout
  • CADD
  • Plotting & Printing
  • Plan Distribution
  • Circuit and Vital Logic Verification
  • Vital Logic Programming
  • Material Requirements
  • Wire Tags
  • Simulation
  • FRA Regulatory & Configuration Management Audits
  • Project Management
  • Cut-In Support
  • In-Service Revisions
  • Reconstructing Engineering Plans
  • Consulting