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March 7, 2017

R. J. Corman Railroad Company: Western Ohio Lines Begins Service to The Andersons Ethanol Group

In the beginning months of 2015, discussions began between The Andersons Ethanol Group and R. J. Corman Railroad Company about the ability to handle and transport ethanol units in Greenville, Ohio. The Andersons Ethanol Group’s investment in ethanol comes from their core business, which is grain. It is most commonly transported by rail from industrial facilities to the marketplace. The Andersons Ethanol Group’s facility interchanges exclusively with CSX Transportation so when the logistics were up for discussion, joint efforts were needed between all three parties: CSX Transportation, R. J. Corman Railroad Company and The Andersons Ethanol Group. R. J. Corman Railroad Company is the link between CSX and The Andersons by properly breaking down the product, loading it to be delivered out, and delivering material into the facility as well. R. J. Corman Railroad Company started in February 2017, by running one 90-car unit train a month.