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April 23, 2018

R. J. Corman Switching: Emergency Repair to Strengthen Curve

The R. J. Corman Switching Company provides switching services for industries that ship via rail, which generally involves a work force and locomotives placed within a customer facility. The company is also equipped to inspect and maintain customer rail yards and tracks, as well as supply and build new service tracks. On April 20th, 2018, during a quarterly track inspection done by R. J. Corman, a concern arose that required the company to complete emergency track maintenance services for the switching customer.

The track maintenance crew needed to strengthen the curve that ties into a new expansion loop track. Special focus was given to the area because it is critical to the outbound product shipments. R. J. Corman used almost 400 spikes to strengthen both the high side and low side of the track. This was done by hand in just under 10 hours. The only equipment brought in was two trucks, the 400 spikes and 3 hammers. The area that needed improvements was easily accessible, and the track was cleared and protected. Track maintenance’s quick response helped ensure that R. J. Corman Switching Company could proceed with the usual day-to-day switching tasks, and a 50-car pellet train along with an 85-car syrup train were able to be shipped by the proper date requested by the customer.