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ServiceBuilt BY Railroaders FOR Railroaders

R. J. Corman Railpower Locomotives is customer-driven. Our core vision is to be the best locomotive and service provider to the Railroad and related industries; and because of this, we developed a top-notch post-delivery program for our customers.

In-House Emissions Funding Expert:

Railpower employs a full-time General Manager of Emissions & Funding who is well versed in both federal and state funding opportunities that can often supplement the cost of purchasing our products. Our locomotives qualify for funding based on the fuel savings and air quality benefits they bring to our customers.

Some examples of funding programs we have had success with include the following:

  • California's Carl Moyer Program
  • Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP)
  • Federal Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA)
  • Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Program

All the aforementioned programs have contributed to our customers' purchase of our clean locomotive technology. Our expert is available to walk customers through the funding process to ensure a higher probability of securing the resources. The expert is also available post-funding award to assist customers with data collection and required reporting.

GenSet Locomotive Training Program:

Our program helps ensure operators and technicians feel confident and comfortable operating, servicing, and maintaining RP Series locomotive equipment. With each locomotive contract, our customers receive classroom, simulator, and hands-on operator and technician training. Through the use of this training, Railpower increases RP Series locomotive knowledge by an average of 91%. Additionally, Railpower continually develops new training modules to meet specific customer needs. Contact a Railpower representative to learn about our full line of customer training modules.

Field Service Team:

Field Service Engineers are available to assist our customer base both during and after the warranty periods. Armed with our diagnostic tools, and working in partnership with a trained customer base, our Field Service Engineers are fully committed to building a partnership between our customers and Railpower technical resources. Our Field Service Team is trained to respond to customer needs with focus, flexibility, and a sense of urgency.

RemoDi - Remote Diagnostics:

R. J. Corman Railpower Locomotives’ unique security service – our powerful remote diagnostic system, RemoDi – allows customers to proactively maintain their units and enables knowledgeable engineers to assist technicians in servicing locomotives. Locomotive data, consisting of historic trends and diagnostic information from various locomotive components and systems, is received into a central database and analyzed for locomotive trends and performance. Before a technician is ever needed on-site, our engineers can use RemoDi to detect locomotive issues and walk customer employees through troubleshooting measures.

L.I.V.E. :

Railpower’s Locomotive Information Viewing Environment is a one stop shop for access to all things Railpower GenSet Locomotive related. Customers can log into L.I.V.E. for a manufacturing update before their units ever arrive on-site. Once the units deliver, customers can remotely access operational data, parts catalogues, documentation, and other valuable information. L.I.V.E. can even send emails providing notifications of locomotive status. 
L.I.V.E.: Remote locomotive access at your fingertips.

R.A.I.L.S. :

Railpower’s Automated Integrated Locomotive Simulator is a proprietary in-house simulation device used to help Railpower customize our locomotive solutions. R.A.I.L.S. allows us to provide customers with locomotive solutions that meet their unique operating parameters.