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How can we optimize an aggregate/mineral supply chain? That was the challenge that we took on for one of our clients, and we were able to deliver a full-service solution in true R. J. Corman fashion. Sand shipments travel on our railroad in our open-top railcars and arrive in our railyard. Using our excavator operated by skilled and qualified R. J. Corman team members we transload the sand from on top of the railcars directly into third-party trucks. Subsequently we weigh them, and they take the material a short distance to the destination. Any remaining sand is placed in a storage area within the railyard.

A full-service transloading model takes advantage of R. J. Corman’s extensive resources, but each client is unique. Since we customize solutions for our clients, any level of service leverages R. J. Corman’s supply chain ingenuity.


For another client, we helped to develop a self-service solution. We dedicated some of our property for an aggregate yard and installed a pit, conveyor system, and truck scales. Gravel shipments arrive via our railroad and the railcars are positioned over the pit to be unloaded from the bottom by our client. They direct it with the conveyor system to the designated space in the yard, depending on type. With commodities stored locally in bulk, they can fill trucks via front-end loader to deliver to surrounding markets.

These and other innovative custom solutions are available to transport our clients’ aggregates and minerals. By hauling aggregates over the railroad, R. J. Corman provides an efficient solution that saves resources for our clients and drastically improves their supply chain model.


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