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Transporting heavy loads of metal can be challenging. Whether it is coils, billets, or ingots, the process of transloading metals from one mode to the other, demands unique and resourceful ideas from our skillful teams. This is the case of a successful implementation of our Transloading System for one of our key clients. Our experts developed a custom solution that involved modifying railcars to cater to the materials' needs, in this case, aluminum coils. “Long term plans require long term solutions!” said one of our Directors of Commercial Development, while sharing about the capacity to adapt and modify our resources to cater to our clients. At R. J. Corman we excel at facing challenges aiming for long-term and sustainable solutions.

Once the modified railcars arrive at our Distribution Center from their origin, we stage the cargo in different areas of our building using our overhead crane or forklifts, allowing our customers access to our warehouse capacity. Following this, we enter the freight’s data into our inventory system, and we monitor it. To ensure our clients the optimum quality of our processes, we take pictures to document and maintain records of the materials’ state.

Our client dispatches their trucks to our Distribution Center, and we coordinate loading them using our forklifts. Following this, we secure the cargo, provide a bill of lading, and as they are dispatched, we weigh them using our dedicated truck scales.

For another client, R. J. Corman implemented a radical change in their supply chain. Taking advantage of the efficiency of railroad transportation versus trucks and cargo ships, we managed to considerably reduce the transit times of their 6”x6”x38’ steel billets. Utilizing our dedicated gondola railcars, we move 50 billets per car weighing up to 3,800 pounds. Once the cargo arrives at our facilities from Mexico or Canada, we transload them using forklifts onto trucks ready to deliver on-site.

At R. J. Corman we not only provide services, but we also build highly effective solutions for our clients' supply chain, inventory management, and storage.


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Director, Commercial Development
R. J. Corman Railroad Company

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Senior Director, Commercial Development
R. J. Corman Railroad Company

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